Wilwood Calipers are manufactured from specific and proprietary aluminum alloys. Many caliper models are offered with a choice of piston sizes, construction and materials. Wilwood incorporates a varitety of innovative and time proven performance enhancements in its caliper designs. Wilwood Engineering produces over 120 different types of premium rotors designed specifically for racing and high performance applications. Although a rotors basic function is to disburse energy created by the brake pads clamping onto the rapidly rotating rotor, how well a rotor performs this job under the extremes of racing is why Wilwood rotors are considered the best in the industry. Beyond rotors and calipers Wilwood also makes many other parts as well, Rotor Hats, Racing Hubs, Pedal Assemblies, Prop Valves, Master Cylinders, and Residual Pressure Valve. Not to mention their Bolt On Disc Brake Kits. All parts are listed below.