About Us

Since 1986 Porterfield Enterprises has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality competition brake pads and brake products to the performance racing industry. A close working relationship with leading professional motorsport teams has led to the development of the one of the finest racing brake pads ever produced. This uniquely engineered composite brake pad using the latest ceramic composite technology design combines high performance materials to make a better stopping and more rotor friendly brake pad.

The Porterfield R-4 Carbon Kevlar pads have a unique, integrally molded ceramic heat shield designed specifically to minimize heat transfer in high temperature applications keeping caliper temperature at proper levels. These state-of-the-art materials offer tremendously high friction levels while at the same time extending rotor life. Including our complete line of Carbon Kevlar racing brake pads, Porterfield’s is a leading distributor of the world’s finest manufacturers of competition friction giving you over five (5) street compounds and 15 racing compounds to choose from. With the world’s largest variety of competition friction available, we at Porterfield’s give our utmost attention to meet special criteria for individual customer needs.

Our current racing program gives us constant feedback and comparison of the newest innovations in braking technology. Our 40 year winning history in road racing gives us the knowledge and experience needed in helping you select the best brake pad for you car. If you need a state of the art race compound for your rare vintage car, or a high performance street compound in a racing caliper application, our professional and knowledgeable sales staff is able to assist in proper selection of a specific brake pad material for your vehicles special requirements.

Porterfield’s engineering and in-house manufacturing capabilities are known world wide for a rapid response and developing the special items to solve immediate needs, often overnight. A huge inventory, personalized service, quick order processing and on-time deliveries makes it easy getting the best in racing brake pads to your door, when you need it. Here at Porterfields we love to race and our goal is to make sure your competitive events are as successful as ours have been. Porterfield Brake pads and professional preparation puts the winning edge with you.