Hawk Performance

We carry the full line of Hawk Performance brake pads for your street and racing needs. They have a pad for any racer. The DTC-70 & DTC-60 compound offer the highest friction levels and the widest temp range of any of their pads. DTC-30 and DTC-05 were originally designed for the circle track racer, but they have since found out that DTC-30 makes a great dual purpose pad when racing is the primary, then there is the HT-10, Blue, and Black with the friction level starting at the highest with the HT-10 and the lower end with Black. For performance street pads they have the HP Plus which is also a dual purpose pad but for when street driving is the primary use, HPS is a great upgrade from original oem, Superduty is designed for the heavy tow vehicles, and rounding out their street pads is the Ceramic and the LTS both excellent street pads as well.  The new HPS 5.0 is the best choice to increase your braking performance and reliability.

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