Guaranteed longer service life – The Odyssey battery, with an eight year design life saves you time and money because you do not have to replace your battery as often. It is also the ONLY battery that is capable of delivering a large number of deep cycles – up to 400 when fully discharged or up to 500 when discharged to 80%. Plus, the battery is specially designed for high vibration applications.

Longer storage life – Unlike conventional batteries that need to be recharged every six to twelve weeks, the Odyssey battery will maintain up to 50% state of charge after 2 years if stored at room temperature (77°F). At temperatures lower than 77°F, storage times will be even longer.

Deep cycle reserve power – With true 100% deep cycle capability, with 70% reserve power consumed, the remaining 30% state of charge still provides sufficient starting amps for solid confident starts. Only Odyssey can provide this unique level of performance. Superior cranking and fast recharge capability – The cranking power of Odyssey batteries is up to 60% more than equally sized conventional batteries, even when the temperature is as low as -40°F. Also, Odyssey batteries recharge faster, as there is no limitations on the inrush current with constant voltage chargers.

Ready out of the box – Odyssey batteries are shipped fully charged. Simply install the battery in your vehicle and you are ready to go! With this battery, there is no need to boost charge, add water or clean terminals before installing, provided battery terminal voltage is greater then 12.4V.

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